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A pop singer from Thailand suffered a major wardrobe malfunction on stage that left her privates exposed to the crowd.

Jinny Jaa, 25, was reportedly performing at a festival in Prachinburi, Thailand when her mini-dress started to ride up and it was visibly noticed she had no underwear on.

According to reports, the singer was left embarrassed when the video went viral and even had to claim that she was wearing underwear, saying the lighting made it look like she wasn’t.

‘There are lots of respectable figures next to the stage so if something was wrong they would definitely have said something,’ she said.

‘This was caused by the lighting and unfortunately, it has given people the the wrong idea.’

A reveller who attended the gig said the wardrobe malfunction made the performance more entertaining.

‘I thought the singer would notice her private parts were visible. I was surprised that nobody told her,’ they said.

‘It went on for a few minutes, I was sure at the time of what I was seeing, and when people see the video they all agree.’

Below is the video …




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