Cardi B Needs To Dump Offset NOW . . . He Will Be Her DOWNFALL!!, Insider Reveals These Shocking Reasons [Video]

Cardi B and Offset are set to have their first child together in less than a month. But one of Cardi’s former friends – blogger Funky Dineva – is taking to social media to BEG her to dump Offset.

Dineva went on a long Youtube RANT where he essentially broke down POINT-BY-POINT why Cardi should leave IMMEDIATELY.

Below are the reasons she gave;

Says that Cardi B is at the top of her game.

Says that Offset doesn’t mean Cardi well at all.

Says that he didn’t even know his name until he was associated with Cardi, because he thought his name was Migos.

Says that they haven’t known one another long enough to want to get married.

Says that in comparison to Cardi, Offset is a vet and he saw Cardi’s potential and decided to capitalize off of it.

Says that Offset is jealous of Cardi, and he doesn’t have an ounce of respect for her.

Says that a man that loves a woman and has plans for a woman doesn’t do shit like this to their future wives.

Says that Cardi needs emotional intelligence to be making major decisions like marrying Offset.

Says that even though Cardi has been through things in the past, she’s too young and he’s not.

Says that Cardi is a very loyal girl and stayed with her man while he was in prison.

Says that two years of having money doesn’t fix her self-esteem issues.

Says that Cardi doesn’t realize that she is a catch. She seems to think that Offset is a catch.

Says that Cardi and Offset spend to much time on their image as a hip-hop couple instead of focusing on being in Love.

Says that Cardi will be the reason why Migos breaks up because Offset is always trying to jump on anything Cardi is doing.

Says that Cardi should date someone older like Common, Drake, Nick Cannon or Bruno Mars.

Says the fact that she defended his homophobia tells us that she’s making all of the wrong moves.

Says that she’s not long enough in the game to attach herself to any major controversies



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