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The rich get richer in Nicki Minaj’s new single. Today seems to be a big day for Nicki announcements as, out of nowhere, she has given her fans three major messages in the span of an hour. It hasn’t even been sixty minutes since her joint tour with Future was unveiled to the world and it’s already old news. Promoting her upcoming tour and album, Nicki put her fans on quick notice by saying she was dropping the previewedsingle “Rich Sex” with Lil Wayne in fifteen minutes. Well, fifteen minutes went by and she stayed true to her promise.

Quotable Lyrics:

All my b-tches have no limits
Fucked her in a helicopter
Now she screamin’, “Sky’s the limit”
Fuck her in the drop top
Now she screamin’, “Sky’s the limit”
Sent her back to who she with
Now she screamin’, “Why I’m with him?”




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