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Hey Lovelies

What style do you intend to pull off this week?

We get bored of what we wear, that’s a given, however we forget that there are so many ways we can change our looks if we want to. There are seemingly tiny tricks that can totally give what we wear a boost thereby making a wardrobe overhaul unnecessary.

As a student discovering new ways to wear a piece is a priority since we are at a buying disadvantage. Where working class women can order online etc because well they are working we have to stick to what we have for a longer period of time and this means we have to learn how to totally transform our looks with what we have.

Discouraging you from buying a new piece sometimes is not what we are trying to do here but its always important to know when its advantageous for you to follow a trend or not. The reason for this is simply because as a student on your scale of preference, buying new clothes should not be on the top five; this is where you learn how to save and manage funds as it would help set your future.

We could tell you a lot more on how to rock your student style but above all, you must have a true signature; this would help you and make things a lot easier. So instead of following every possible trend you would stick to your style until you feel like changing it.

Inspiration is a necessity, therefore scroll down to check out these student casual styles look book that we have created for your viewing pleasure.






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